The Journey of Love

Love is a mysterious feeling that cannot be fully comprehended. When it possesses its victim, it takes over many activities and directs its courses. Love is real and powerful. There are 2 major classifications of things in biology; living and non-living things, but biology missed classifying Love under the category of living things. Love is a living thing that can also die if badly nurtured. As a living thing, when Love is born, it brings forth joy and gladness. On its arrival it feels so healthy, great, fulfilling, and radiant.

Good or Bad Love

There are different types of love, yet they all seem to have something in common; “feeling” or “passion”. However, that passion could be so real, powerful, and sincere. It could also be ingenuine, temporary, sensual, or momentariness. If that is so, maybe we can categorize love as bad love and good love. So, love is not always love as it seems. We must diagnose the good one from the bad one.

Love is the bedrock of any relationship and marriage. It is characterized by deep affection between a man and a woman to the extent that they decide to live together for the rest of their lives.

But does love fade over time, or die with time? It is possible, depending on many things, such as the genesis of that love and the factors around it. A relationship built on a shaky questionable love might sink with time. Relationships erected on erotic feelings mostly end in disappointment. So, when you go about searching as unmarried man or woman, be careful that you don’t fall into a trap of bad love. Some people will fake love until they have what they want, then they discard their victim in search of another victim.

The Subject of the Quest; Love

These days, many people are on the quest for true love, which is ok because love is great. It fills a vacuum in the life of anyone. Finding the right person that touches your heart deeply and in a special way is awesome. But the issue is that some are searching sincerely while some are just playing games. Someone said, you don’t have to kiss all the frogs while searching for your Prince. You need to be patient. While the frogs hop back to their ponds, your Prince will stay back and stand out to hold your hand.

The Perfect Love???

I was once having a conversation with a friend on relationship, and she told me all she was looking for in the man of her dreams; the guy must be handsome, tall, no debt of any kind except for a mortgage, not the type that I would be nursing like a baby, not a demanding man, not the one that is interested in my money, and on and on. I simply and sincerely asked her if she had considered staying single for the rest of her life. Some people are just ok without marriage, and I don’t think they will go to hell for that. But if a relationship is being considered there are many things attached to it.

Marriage without a sense of sacrifice can never stand strong. Both parties will simply face their agenda, and this will open doors for many things including finding satisfaction somewhere else and looking for someone willing to listen to them and understand their predicaments. The day we say yes in marriage all our personal agendas begin to go through reformation. And that is why the period of courtship or dating is not only about Romeo and Juliet kind of things but also planning and learning time, as the love continue to grow.


While a dead clock can only be right twice a day, a lasting relationship rooted in Christ is bound to succeed better. It will stand the test of time and dwell in the blessings of the Lord. Like the three Hebrew boys, the fire of Nebuchadnezzar cannot cut short the plans of God for that home for its inhabitants no longer walk alone but with the Prince of peace. When we bring God into our plans and prayerfully ask His guidance on our choice, we will never be disappointed. Even when our boat seems to get stuck in a storm of life, the Master of the storm will be right there calming the storm.

When we allow the Word of God guides our actions and plans and allow no sin or defilement in our courtship, but honor God in our relationship with our fiancé or fiancée, we will always have the confidence to go to God during any marital challenge. We would be able to look straight to God in the humility of our heart, and ‘produce our cause before Him, bringing forth our strong reasons’ on why He must honor our marriage and save it.

But I screwed up before

What if we had screwed up in the past? God is ever merciful: when He forgives, He forgets. So, we must not allow the devil to build a castle of shame, regret, defeat, or self-pity in our hearts. Mary Magdalene became a virgin in the eyes of the Lord when she accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour. Rahab of Jericho, a popular harlot in history, received mercy from God and became part of the genealogy of Christ. Christianity is not about yokes and burdens, but blessings embedded in the ministry of mercy.

Knowing God’s Will in Marriage

God still leads in relationships and marriage. He still guides if allowed. We can’t see into the future, but God can. He also has the manual of our lives in His hands. We don’t assemble a new product with the manual in the garbage, we would struggle a lot and might not get it right. We must let God be part of that decision. We must give our hearts sincerely to Him and be guided by His Word not only in marriage but in every area of life.

The Best Match-Maker

If you are unmarried and found someone attracted to you or someone has asked your hand in marriage, tell God about it and wait for His counsel. Feeling can change anytime, but the true love stay through thick and thin. A daughter of God was once praying about her marital life at one of the annual conferences of her church. God then opened her eyes to see some heavenly bodies in a panel setting taking the requests of people one after the other in that meeting and settling their cases as they were lifting their hearts to God in prayers. She was allowed to hear the decision about her own heart cry on marriage. They clearly mentioned who she would end up with in marriage. Immediately after her case was taken, she was cut off from that vision. Years after, it was consummated as said by God.

God is interested in your love life

God is real, His Words are perfect, and His Love is everlasting. Take a moment with God as you read this article and let Him take over your love life, your marriage, your family, and everything you are. You will never regret handing everything over to God. It is a great wisdom to make God the centre of our life. You will live to share the goodness of God.