The Journey of Faith

God told Abram to take the step of faith by following His leading as He guides him on a journey of faith to an unknown land which flows with milk and honey. Abram trusted God and obeyed. Many blessings came upon him because of his obedience which started with the change of his name to Abraham.

Generations upon generation, lesson upon lesson, blessing upon blessing, year rolling into the year, and God remains faithful to His words. At various milestones, the expounded products of obedience must observe a Passover and recount the goodness of God. And God will continue to honor His words as He gives the grace to keep following His guidance.

When we allow God to give the lead in every area of our life, we will never go astray. Even if we stumble at any crossroad, the Master of the Way will reach out to help if we allow Him. He is still God!