“I Hold To You, Lord”

Sometimes, our heart is so heavy that we have no words to construct sentences for expressions. Sometimes, our paths are so crowded with risks we must choose from, including the risks in the known and the risks of the unknown.

Sometimes, prayers become an uphill task, and wilderness experience takes its toll on us. But then, we scraped every fragment of strength left and crawled into the chest of the Almighty God. In His response to our feebleness, the ever-caring Father infused our souls with songs of hope and gently restore our strength and courage. 

These are the inspirational messages this song, I Hold To You, Lord, is carrying. It is a song of prayers, hope, commitment, consecration, confidence in God’s promises, and assurance in God’s faithfulness.

The song was first inspired in 2017 but suffered some setbacks, as it must taste its own contents. In 2018, John Olubobokun, a respected man of God and a dedicated songwriter, was impressed upon the heart. He was contacted right away and his response was not disappointing. He rose to the task and made music sheets out of the song. In early 2022, Lena Gauthier, a God-fearing professional musician inspired me to take the song to the next level. She was contacted to rearrange, harmonize, and perform the song.

“I Hold to You Lord” is a core song from the heart, a soundtrack of life, and as quoted by John Paul F, “it is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life”. The song is inspiring, heartfelt, heart-pouring, and a connecting cord to the throne of grace and mercy. I pray that the song will transform life in every facet of life in Jesus Name.

Thanks for visiting this page and for taking the time to read through the blog. I hope your heart is blessed with the song!

I Hold To You, Lord, Music Sheet
I Hold To You, Lord, Music Chords