The Act of Kindness

I had to drive several hours yesterday running an errand. At different points, I needed helping hands to complete some tasks. Those tasks were definitely greater than what I could handle. The way some random strangers came in to help at different locations was so alarming that my son kept saying: ‘people are really good, and I am still amazed at what people could do”. One of the guys had to let go of what was very useful to him when he realized that mine that I just purchased was not working well. I was so speechless. He simply told me: “Just pretend you saw it on the road and picked it up”.

God has made each one of us good. In us lies the attributes of God. Regardless of any situation, we must not let those influential attributes die. We must let love and kindness prevail. When our children see us expressing such virtues, it will naturally become part of their lives too. We can rule our world with sacrificial love, patience with one another, and relentless kindness. Someone said: Kindness is free, let’s pass it on”.