The Associated Danger of a New Normal Education

Dear parents, be diligent with your children as they study online.

A parent cried out when she discovered that the kids’ links meant to be for their learning activities actually lead to all kinds of inappropriate sites. One thing can always lead to another and gradually lead an innocent mind into corruption. One of the children that strayed into those sites tearfully told his parent that his mind would not stop thinking about what he saw in those sites and that he would always long to go back there.

The Children’s minds are very sensitive and inquisitive. They would always want to learn more. The mind-captivating, sexually motivating sites, carefully connected to the various internet sites are like traps that draw the souls of men, especially the innocent minds, into bondages.

The subtle drawing away of these young minds of today is obviously, a hellish plot against our children and youth. The enemy schemes are to bait them into captivity, addiction, and eventual destruction but God will not allow it in Jesus’ Name. We as parents must need to sit up and sit tight, standing in the gap for our children in every area.

Even if you restrict the use of the internet for your children, you should occasionally check the setting to ensure nothing has changed. Never brush aside the questions of your children nor shut them down in their expressions. We must learn to read in between lines.

May God keep our children in His way and deliver them from every form of destruction in Jesus’ Name.