When my Finger was found Guilty

Every season or circumstance comes with its challenge

I was once driving on a very slippery road covered with black ice. With my fingers wrapped firmly around the steering wheel and my eyes fixed on the way, safety stood out clear as a priority in my mind. Pressure mounted up quickly when a car behind me could not stand the way I was driving. He did everything possible to intimidate me and scare me off the road, but I did not budge because there was no way around it. When he effectively got the long-awaited chance, he pressed his horn so hard to call my attention and right away gave me a middle finger. At that moment, before my brain could think through it, my body had already responded. One of my fingers was up in retaliation. I knew some people negatively use some fingers but honestly, I was not used to that, so I had no idea which finger was associated with what, neither did I know what I was doing. My spirit-man was activated immediately, and I felt so terrible. It was like I should rip off that finger from the rest of them as I sadly and shamefully drove home. I reported myself to my family on arrival, ruminated upon my action, and prayed for more grace that stand any heat of anger.

Calmness in harsh weather makes the season look beautiful

In our present world are so much pressure and stress. Different people are fighting various battles, and sometimes, there is a transfer of aggression. Many things had happened this year that had altered our world and disoriented its balance; some lives lost, jobs lost, health threatened, trusts broken, educations affected, youth and children impacted in the struggles. Even the church of God had its share of the challenges. A friend once sent me this message:

“I am very very depressed. Now another lockdown. I need freedom. I need old habits of thinking to be loosed from me. I have had too much sorrow.”

That is why we must be patient with one another and persevere in the trailing challenges. As believers are not exempted from the challenges in our world, the grace to bear it is made available in Christ, and we need that grace daily before we get sunk in the situations. David the King in the book of Psalm 119:83 had this testimony to share:

“For I am become like a bottle in the smoke; yet do I not forget thy statutes.”

Jesus gave us a head-up in Luke 18:8 while speaking about the injustice ravaging the featuring world in His parable,

“Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?”

Christians must be determined to keep their faith regardless of any prevailing circumstances. The battle will be over eventually, and we must show up on the side of victory. God that led the children of Israel by a pillar of cloud in the day, and a pillar of fire in the night, still rules in the affairs of men today.

The whole world cannot wait to walk out of 2020 and start a desirable life in the New Year, but then it is just a second that separates the new year from the old one. Our dispositions and actions determine what is new and what remains old in the new. Every New Year will always come with its challenges. That is why we need the grace of God and wisdom in the new year to survive with ease.

Drive with God into the New Year, safety is guaranteed