A Veteran’s Kindness

It was springtime, and the green grasses were springing out from every corner. It was that time of the year when lawnmowers must come out from their chamber. Bringing ours out, we discovered it would not start. We loaded it on our truck and off to the Home Depot drove. Getting there, it was clear we might have to buy another one as the warranty on this one had expired, and the store does not fix broken lawnmowers. As I was checking on the new ones, I noticed a man looking diligently at some lawnmowers and giving them a thorough assessment. I could tell that he was an experienced man. So, I took my chances and approached him for advice. He turned to me and gave me a needed lecture on my quest.

I told him I had my lawnmower at the back of my truck and was hoping I could get it fixed. Without hesitation, the man requested that I take him to the truck so he could have a look. We walked to the car park together in an enthusiastic mood. He glanced at it and told me he could fix it for me, but I might have to come with him to his place. So, my daughter and I jumped into the car and drove behind him.

We got to his place eventually after driving in a circle for a while. I could tell that he was still trying to master the route. Arriving at his home, I realized his daughter had just moved him to stay with her family being now elderly. There was something unique about the man and natural with him, kindness. That virtue was too glaring.

Without wasting time, he got into fixing my lawnmower. He had secured for himself a massive workshop in the garage with all the needed pieces of equipment. He pulled out different kinds of tools, flipped over my lawnmower, diagnosed the problem, and gave me another lecture. I could not just imagine this act of humanity from this senior.

Lest we forget

The man did not only fix my broken lawnmower but also serviced it, all for free, as he won’t take anything from me. When he got the electrical machines together and started sharpening the lawnmower’s blades, neither my daughter nor I could stand anywhere close. The spray of fire that was emanating from the sharpening equipment was frightening. But how about the man facing the fire? Wasn’t he feeling the fire? So, I asked him. He stopped a bit, showed me his two hands, and told me that he does not feel pain there any longer.

Looking at the hands, I could identify some differences. Right away, he went into his past, unfolding his life history as a Veteran. The story met me unprepared maybe I would have recorded it. His hands had undergone unimaginable reconstructions as a result of wars. While reflecting on his naratives and writing this article, I couldn’t fight back my tears. Many times we see and take things on a facial level and act casually. But when we become privy to the real story, our perspective about some things changes.

In my wonderland, I crawled out to ask this angel why he decided to help strangers. He said that his life has always been about helping people, as many as he could showing love in services. Within a short time, I could picture his lifestyle, pains, sorrows, satisfaction, and his joy in the type of person he chooses to be. As he went back to continue with the fire spraying machine, his daughter and grandchildren drove in. I could honestly imagine what was going on in their mind, but obviously, they knew their Veteran father well.

This act of kindness will always paint a unique canvas in my mind every November 11th.

I wo

Thanks to all the Soldiers and Veterans who have sacrificed, still sacrificing, and will sacrifice. To their families also, thanks so much for the sacrifices on your part. We appreciate you all!

Author: Margaret

I used to be a country girl raised humbly by my God-conscious grandmother. My grandmother made me read a Bible to her every day until I fell in love with the God of the Bible. After high school, I gave my life completely to Christ at Reinhard Bonnke Crusade and got adopted by the ministry of Pastor/Dr. W.F Kumuyi. When I gave Christ my life, He took it, redecorated it in His ways, and added meaning to it. I am happily married and blessed with three wonderful children. Dr. Akinloye, O.M (Ph.D., JP, PMP)

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