Happy Father’s Day

Love and appreciation for the Fathers

For fathers, ‘Father’s Day’ is not just a one-time event, but a daily occurrence. You see to the welfare of the home and sacrifice everything for the betterment of your home. When you are pulled here and there, you hardly break. You keep your tears and weaknesses out of sight and act as the Superman of the house, the man of steel.

When a daughter is aching and heartbroken, she runs to her mom or dad. When a son feels threatened and crushed, he seeks for the guidance of his all-knowing parents. When mothers get wearied and tearful, she runs to her beloved husband, who simultaneously acts as her home adopted father.

Who do you fathers go to when you are hurt, confused, and distressed? Probably, no one. Instead, you put on a bold face and tell yourself “I am the man” even when we see you fighting the air, stepping spaces, and struggling to keep all together. Sometimes, you explode, and everyone begins to wonder why the ‘Iron Man’ eroding.

Fathers, as the world seizes this day to reference you and recognizes your office, may you know that you are deeply loved, cherished, and well appreciated. May you receive wisdom from God’s words to keep your home together continually as the world cripples every day in confusion.

The Book of Wisdom

The guide for the wise

Why should anyone believe in the Bible?

It speaks to everything you could ever imagine in this world and in the world to come.

One of the geniuses that influenced the world of science Albert Einstein quoted: “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has his limit.”

Simply put, no matter how intelligent, powerful, affluent, influential, etc., anybody is, such is still limited. That limitation never exists in God revealed in the Bible.

Before the first Seismologist Chang Heng, a Chinese astronaut and mathematician invented Seismograph to study earthquake 132 AD (i:e 132 years {A}fter the {D}eath of our Lord Jesus Christ), Bible had documented facts about the earthquake and many other things our world is struggling to understand today. If humanity would just humble itself and give honor to whom honor is due, we would not have to deal with a lot of exasperation the world is dealing with today. Pastor Mel Fehr stressed that point in one of his sermons that if ‘we put God right above our right, God wouldn’t have to deal with a lot of our frustrations’

As the world drifts here and there on the ocean of uncertainty, safety and direction lie with God through His words.