Is Everyone Infected with Corona Virus Going to Get Sick or Die?


Viruses operate in 2 phases: The Lysogenic & Lytic phase.

When some people are infected by viruses, some of the viruses may remain dormant in the cells of their victims (the host cell), causing no obvious symptoms or sicknesses. This phase is the Lysogenic phase

But when these dormant viruses are triggered, the dormant viruses enter the Lytic phase. This is an active phase where new viruses are formed, assembled, kill the host cell and go infecting other cells.

So, not every untested healthy-looking people are free of the coronavirus.

Asymptomatic coronavirus carriers can infect healthy people and stimulate the active phase of that virus.

Those with compromised immune systems, diabetics Mellitus, smoked lungs, lung disease, obesity, heart disease, cancer, are more liable to get the worse part of the corona virus infection.

This period could be so frustrating, but let us endeavor to hang in there, maintaining the social distancing. We must keep hope alive.

This will soon pass, and it shall be well in Jesus’ Name.

“I will make a covenant of peace with them, and cause wild beasts to cease from the land; and they will dwell safely in the wilderness and sleep in the woods.”

Ezekiel 34:25 (NKJV)

Akinloye, O. Margaret

Author: Margaret

I used to be a country girl raised humbly by my God-conscious grandmother. My grandmother made me read a Bible to her every day until I fell in love with the God of the Bible. After high school, I gave my life completely to Christ at Reinhard Bonnke Crusade and got adopted by the ministry of Pastor/Dr. W.F Kumuyi. When I gave Christ my life, He took it, redecorated it in His ways, and added meaning to it. I am happily married and blessed with three wonderful children. Dr. Akinloye, O.M (Ph.D., JP, PMP)

2 thoughts on “Is Everyone Infected with Corona Virus Going to Get Sick or Die?”

  1. Thank you Margaret for clarifying this virus and what it is. It only stands to reason that those with compromised immune systems, cancer, diabetes, elderly or sick will be more likely to be infected. We need to be diligent to wash our hands, stay at home as much as possible, or when we do go out to practice social distancing. Even if we are getting bored. We need to try to be safe.


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