Kobe Bryant; How Unpredictable Life Could Be

I was reading the news when a headline on a crashed jet and the connected names popped up. Within a few minutes, almost all media were flooded with reactions about the death of a very popular basketball icon Kobe Bryant, and his daughter. The icon’s Fans span the globe

It is still unimaginable thinking about the pain and the agony the Kobe’s family is going through right now. How I pray for God’s comfort, grace and strength for the entire family as they go through this difficult time.

But then, it won’t be out of context for us remaining alive to pause and reflect on our own life. We can only boast of this very moment while the next minute is unpredictable.

Money, affluence, celebrity status, popularities, power, beauty, certificate, intelligence, you name them. Neither of these is capable of saving anyone’s life when death struck. That is the reason we can’t afford to let those things get into our heads. Once the caretaker comes knocking, no excuse(s) is tenable.

We can only hope that Kobe had time to reflect on life and think through the reality of God in real sense.

No one ever bid for their life or purchased it. We gradually grew into finding out what life is. So, we can’t claim total ownership of it. A wise person would prioritize the Creator of that ‘life’ while there is still ‘life’.

Life is short and it has no regard for anyone; rich or poor, educated or illiterate, well known or unknown… As students adhere to teacher notes and textbooks to succeed, anything call human beings must find out the real Author of their life and adhere to His guiding principles.

Connecting or recollecting to God is simple, very simple. Surprisingly, it is not judgemental but rather packed with mercy and love.

We just need to acknowledge our faults and helplessness.

Reach out to God in humility; we can never know better than Him.

Settle those faults and failures with Him through repentance.

Open our heart for God to come in; He is always available in His regalia of mercy for the living (not the dead).

Accept Him, accept His forgiveness, and make Him the pilot of our life; He never crashes.

Know Him more by studying His ancient guideline/textbook; the Bible.

Kobe Byrant has done his parts and is gone. The ball is now in our court.

May God help us to end well in Jesus’ Name.

Dr. Akinloye, O. Margaret